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For Men Only-100% Ayurvedic Patented Medicine.

Indications: As directed by the physician..

Each 15ml. oil contains:

Anacyclus pyrethrum   100mg.
Syzygium aromation   500mg
Calastruspeniculata Oleum   500mg
Abrus Precatiorius   500mg
Cinnamomum zeylanicum   500mg
Myristica fragrans   500mg
Myristica fragms   50mg
Piper betle   500mg
Sesamum Indicum

Shake well before use.

Usage: Approximately 10-15 drops for massage by light hand at bed time or as per convenience

Caution: To be used under medical supervision.

Rare extracts of medicinal herbs are incorporated in Dr. Juneja's Oorja oil after extensive study of ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. These herbs invigorate muscle tissues by enhancing the ability of veins & capillaries to transport blood carrying micro nutrients to the remotest tissues. Proper nourishment through improved blood circulation in applied organ, thus restores the normal function for which the particular organ is meant for.
The finest point is that Oorja oil being completely Ayurvedic medicine does not have any untoward effect at all. Almost all the kings, emperors and the ruling nobility of ancient times used Ayurvedic medicinal oils to prolong their youth and enhance health, vigour &vitality. In present-day-world of high stress levels, the need of these Ayurvedic remedies has not only increased, but has become essential.

Apply 15 to 20 drops or sufficient quantity of Oorja oil on your palm and gently massage the organ 4 to 5 minutes before going to bed. Do not massage it vigorously, but with very gentle hand, to let the oil to absorb through the skin of the organ. In case the organ is tilted towards one side, it is advisable to massage with opposite side hand. The Oorja oil bottle should normally last for 10 days. The duration of treatment may be prolonged for months depending on the severity of the ailment

Oorja oil is for external use only, it should be applied on the outer skin, not to be used on
inner side of the organ. It must never be consumed orally.

After application of Oorja oil, do not pour cold water on the organ for at least 1 hour.

shake the bottle well before use and keep it away from children as it is a medicine.

The use of Oorja oil can be complimented with the simultaneous use of Rajsee capsule
for wonderful results.