Pack Size 40 Capsules
MRP Rs. 236/-
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Storage Keep in a cool dark & dry place

100% Ayurvedic Patented Medicine -More Effective with standardized extracts
No Side Effects

Indications:Stunted Growth, Body Weakness, General debility, Stress & strain, prolonged illness or as directed by the physician.

Each 500mg. Capsule Contains Extracts of :

Asparagus Racenosus   50mg.
Tribulas Terrestris   10mg
Minaral Pitch   10mg
Terminalia arjuna   65mg
Emblica officinalis   75mg
Mucuna Prurita   10mg
Astercantha Ligifolia   10mg
Withania somnifera(Powder)   250mg
Lead , tin & Zinc reduced   10mg
Copper Pyrite   10mg

Purely based on safe & harmless Ayurvedic theory

Important Instructions & Caution:-
1) Do not take spicy or deep fried foods.
2) Do not take medicine empty stomach in the morning.
3) During the course of medicine, do exercise by way of jogging in the morning, stand on your toes, yoga and also take green vegetables in your daily food.
4) Capsule "More Power" is purely an ayurvedic preparation it does not have any side effect.
5) During the course of Capsule "More Power" you may continue your medication of fever, cough, cold or headache if you already have it.
6) Do take the medicine at least for 3 months (girls can use it even during menstruation). Depending on the results the course of medicine can be extended further, which does not have any side effect.

Dosage & dose administration
Non adults: - One Capsule 2 to 3 times a day
Adults: - 2 Capsules 2 to 3 times a day
(The capsule may taken with milk, fruit juice or water)